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Experience, Recommendations, and References

Executive Membership

  • Founder and CTO, SUB Associates, LLC., Milpitas, CA
  • Member executive Board and EVP Marketing US Desalination International (USDI)
  • Public Speaker, Science-In-Action program for American Vacuum Society, CA
  • Business Development Executive for Applied Energy Systems in the Middle East


  • Conducted a variety of seminars and training courses throughout the USA, Europe, and Pacific Rim
  • Semiconductor Processes and equipment
  • MEMs and Nanotechnology
  • Trend of Compound Semiconductor market
  • Stress management
  • Employment Techniques and Conflict Resolution

Teaching Experience

  • Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) – Adjunct Faculty Member.
  • Sawyer College – Program Director.
  • Institute of Business Technology (IBT) – Instructor and Program Director.
  • Silicon Valley College (SVC) – Board of Director Advisory Committee Member.
  • Silicon Technology College (STC) – Executive Director.
  • Regional Occupational Program (ROP) – Instructor, Program Director, and Course Curriculum Developer for the State of California.
  • American Vacuum Society (AVS) – Volunteer Speaker for “Science in Action.”
  • Milpitas High School, CA - Member School Board.

References and Recommendations

  • Dr. Ellis Gedney, Vice Chairman BoD, Expression College of Arts, (650) 576-3031, Email:
  • Dr. Kambiz Farnaam, EVP, SCI, (510) 301-6128, Email:
  • Dr. Banerjee, Chief Scientist, Amazon, (510)673-7115, Email:
  • Dr. Abe Ghanbari, President, Folium Technologies. Inc, (408) 799-0024, Email:
  • Dr. Ken Ports, Executive Director, QTSI, (321) 868-0288, Email:
  • Dr. Saleem, San Jose State University, (408) 561-1901, Email:
  • Sam Gulley, Sales Executive, Val In Corp, (408) 910-6996, Email:
  • Dr. Manshad Satti, CEO IT Butler, (971) 436-92537, Email:
  • Dr. Mohammed Saleem, CTO, Brooks, (408) 980-8269

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