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What We Offer

Global Management

The SUB Associates, LLC® team offers services to organizations That are looking to grow develop their vision and strategy. Our due diligence and know-how will indeed enhance the performance.

Business Partnership

SUB Associates, LLC® Corporate Business Partner Program empowers senior executives by providing them with facilitated access to critical management and business insights.

Strategic Marketing

SUB Associates, LLC® possesses the expertise to guide you from your current position to your desired destination. With our extensive experience, we are adept at crafting effective strategies for establishing your online presence, ensuring tangible results.

Talent Acquisition

Current downsizing has left thousands of companies with only their core staff remaining. With the recent situation in the industry, well-qualified teams can be rebuilt by gathering experienced candidates in short amounts of time.

Corporate Training

SUB Associates, LLC® is delighted to provide comprehensive training programs in technology, management, and customer services. Our tailored approach ensures that each participant receives personalized guidance and support to maximize their professional development.

International Product Promotion

SUB Associates, LLC® provide International product promotion in the USA, Europe, Asia - Pacific Rim, and Middle East.

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